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April 2022


We are hosting a Production Open House on Thursday, May 5th to display our gear upgrades, vibe update in the Control Room, video capacity in Studio 31, and our new rentable Photo Studio. Read on for all the details…

Calling all Bands, Talent Managers, Podcasters & Vloggers, Freelance Audio Engineers, Videographers, Photographers and Innately Curious Minded Folks!

Are you interested in learning more about Space ATX’s Audio and Video Production department? Did you know we have in-house audio, video and photography staff available? Are you looking for a one stop shop for your next project? Are you a freelancer looking for an easy and professional studio to work out of? Well, come for an evening of behind the scene exploration in the production suite (including a new photo studio) and network with fellow professionals. Here is your chance to see what we are all about!



Let’s get down to the real nitty gritty… Our gear.  We started out with the bamboo Jamrack Mastering Desk and Racks in order to streamline the workspace space.  From there the focus was put on quality outboard pre-amps, equalizers, and compression with Rupert Neve Designs and Burl Audio leading the way.

With the addition of this new equipment, our recording studio provides a wide variety of colors and character for engineers and producers to choose how to capture their source material.

We believe the Burl Audio B1D to be one of the finest choices of a 500 series mic pre-amp available.  The B1D’s  BX3 input transformer, BX4 all iron output transformer have a huge impact on the quality of capture in a digital platform.  Not to mention the audiophile, discrete, class-A, direct-coupled, capacitor free circuit path, these elements provide a warm, deep clear tone that is unique to the Burl Audio sound. (and we have TEN of them!)

Space ATX was excited to reach out to Rupert Neve Designs’ Tristan Rhodes who has been a great friend to Space since we first met at the 2012 SXSW convention.  When we met, Tristan immediately welcomed Space ATX, and set the path for the purchase of a Portico II Channel and two Shelford Channels.  Through our partnership with RND, we have continued to expand the number of Shelford Channels, a 511 Mic pre-amp, and we have added ten 551 500 Series Inductor EQs to complement the Burl B1D pre-amps.  The 551 Inductor EQ provides a clear, focused, musical quality to its tone with it’s thick lows and sweet highs.  To accommodate all of these 500 series modules, we again looked to RND for their quality and support.  We chose to house all our 500 series modules in the RND R10 Ten Space 500 Series Rack. Space ATX could not be happier with our relationship with Rupert Neve Designs and all they have done to help us provide the best recording results for our customers.

The equipment is just one piece of the puzzle.  Our staff of engineers and producers have the knowledge and experience to capture the clients best performances and to create an environment that fosters a client’s creativity.  Please contact us at to set-up a production meeting to discuss your recording, video, and production needs.


Telefunken TF51 matched pair and Royer R-121 matched pair
Rupert Neve Designs – R10 – 10 Space 500 Series Racks
Retro Instruments – Revolver – Dual Tube Compressor
Jamracks – Mastering Desk and Racks


Brazilian band Tuyo filmed a Space ATX Session while in town for SXSW. It was transcendent! Click to be mesmerized…


Hello Space ATX!

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August 2021


We have a new name and logo! You can now find us under the name Space ATX. We have added video production to our ever expanding services and refreshed our brand to reflect that. Be sure to tag us at @spaceatx next time your busting out a sweet session or have a show coming up. We want to know about it and share it!

Space Rehearsal & Recording transforms to Space ATX

2021 was a weird year for all of us, and we are happy to see the return of our customers, friends, and family. We were busy in our downtime creating a whole new way for you to share your music with the world. Space Rehearsal & Recording which focused on rehearsal studios and audio recording studio services has continued to grow and we have rebranded to Space ATX to reflect the addition production services like videography and photography.

Space ATX’s mission is aligned with the needs of musicians today who wear many hats in order to find success. We provide a creative outlet where traveling and local musicians can rehearse, rent equipment, record a demo or LP, produce a music video, and capture PR behind the scene and PR photos.

Space ATX expanded it’s recording department to include video production, streaming, and editing.  We even have photography services! We invested in Blackmagic 4k digital cameras, new LED lightning system, and a video editing bay installed with Davinci Resolve Suite.  The production room is completely blacked out with velvet curtains allowing its full use for capture.

We made the space, you bring the ideas. Room 31 is waiting for you.


We are launching a new project entitled Space ATX Sessions for our new Youtube channel that will be premiering soon, so stay tuned.  We have a stellar lineup of music videos by Christian Bland & The RevelatorsNemegata8 1/2 Souvenirs, and Kalu & The Electric Joint just to name a few.

Space ATX is excited about what the future has in store for us, and we are looking forward to providing new and upgraded services to the Austin creative community!

Christian Bland & The Revelators. Photos by Ann Alva Wieding Photography

Make a VIDEO!

From Music Video Production to Live Streaming to Podcasting, we have the team and equipment to turn out high quality video for your next project.

Email or call now to reserve your space. 512.448.9518


Austin Chronicle Story

In case you missed the recent story in the Austin Chronicle by Kevin Curtin about the rehearsal landscape in Austin, HERE it is.

Best of Austin: Recording and Rehearsal Studios

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We are quite happy and proud to be part of Austin’s creative community. From the very beginning our goal was to create a welcoming atmosphere for professional musicians, amateurs taking music lessons, and other aspiring artists looking for a place to hold movie auditions or art exhibitions. To be recognized for that is an honor.

Check us out!